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The wedding company that'll do anything for love. Discover and online custom your hantaran based on your style, budget and more, even giving it second life to people who need it.

How It Works

Frustrated over the cost and waste? We set out to solve this problem, and one which exists for many brides and grooms, by allowing two weddings or events in close proximity to “share” their hantarans. 

With CintaKucing, when hantarans are being re-purposed, your florist is responsible for renewing the hantaran between one event to the next, so you never have to worry about receiving less-than-perfect hantaran.

So, what changes? Both events save money if the hantaran are reused and the florist’s hard work and talent lives to see another day by being resold.

1. Pick

Pick your perfect flowers. Choose everything from one collection, or mix and match!

2. Pack

We carefully pack your flowers and ship them straight to you.

3. Party

Get married! Enjoy your big day, stress free.

4. Back

Return the flowers in our pre-paid boxes for listing for next sharing.

Discover our varieties of ready made hantaran or Online DIY custom your own design

Find Your Favourite Design

Make payment and our florist shall begin produce your hantaran

Complete Your Booking

We'll list your hantaran on our website to be reused. When they are, you receive 30% back for sharing.

List Your Hantaran For Reuse

Reuse Hantaran

Reuse Hantaran To Save Money

Our goal is to reduce floral and material waste by allowing your hantaran to be reused after your wedding or event. When properly cared for, hantaran last for months yet are keep at home and thrown away after it gets dusty.


When you list your hantaran to be reused by another wedding, you’re helping to reduce the amount of flowers, fabric and colour dye being used - to name a few things. Plus, you’ll save 30% for sharing and up to 60% when you reuse someone’s hantaran.


Our Florist

Each CintaKucing florist was thoughtfully hand-picked to guarantee that you’re working with experienced professionals in your area.

Florists handle everything from sourcing the best flowers to delivering and setting them up your hantaran. A lot of labor and love goes into making sure your hantaran are beautiful and the same goes for curating our community of florists.

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I cannot say enough wonderful things

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the CintaKucing team, especially Suzie. She was such a pleasure to work with, she truly made everything easy for me, and seemed to know exactly the aesthetic and vibe I was going for. So thankful for CintaKucing to connect me to them!

I recommend this service to EVERYONE

With only 8 weeks to go before the wedding, I found CintaKucing! They put me in touch with a florist who provided me with realistic pricing - and the arrangements were stunning!!! I couldn't have been happier. I recommend this service to EVERYONE - quite frankly, I think anyone who pays full price for hantaran is crazy!


CintaKucing is an absolutely genius concept - I loved it the moment I heard about it. There is a little bit of that guilt factor with weddings where you just feel guilty for spending so much money and things going to waste. CintaKucing helped me choose a partnered florist  from the beginning.

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